Providing Leadership, Creating Value, Promoting Excellence

Miroslaw (Mirek) Gorny: CEO and Chairman of the Board, eWorld Companies, Inc

Mirek has over 25 years experience in international sales and marketing, import/export and finance. He is a graduate of National University with a BA in organizational leadership, and holds a Master's degree from Trinity Law School.  As a public speaker and trainer, he is a founder of Academy of Personal & Professional Development, an internationally recognized training company. Since 2015, Mirek has been the Vice President and COO of Angelini Trading Company.

Henryk Kempanowski: Treasurer, eWorld Companies, Inc

With over 20 years experience in transportation and logistics, Henryk is an expert in international transport.

Christina Angelini: President and CEO, Angelini Trading Company

Christina, with her late husband Richard, founded Angelini Trading Company and is responsible for its international success and expansion. She has been essential in securing a stream of high-quality products from across Italy and the rest of the Europe, and passionate about pursuing and securing new opportunities and markets for Angelini. With an ardent love of animals, Christina is President of Animal Foundation of America, a nonprofit rescue organization based in Thousand Oaks, California.